Edgar Winter

Edgar Winter: Offering a "Free Ride" since 1972.

If you have a thick skull, nimble feet and a proclivity toward violence, you become a prizefighter. If you have a bluesman's soul, a musical family and a tendency toward paleness, you become '70s icon Edgar Winter. Not a bad shake. Three decades on, the Beaumont-born Winter's edgy blend of blues, funk and metal, appropriately titled "Frankenstein," is as emblematic of its time as any other song, yet still feels fresh and exciting. Today, when genre-bending and blending is the norm, Johnny's younger brother seems shockingly ahead of his time. His music has always been steeped in the blues, but Edgar has never shied away from following his musical whims – not every hard-rocking long-haired shredder had the balls to turn out a disco album during the last gasp of the boogie decade. These days, though, Winter focuses on the sort of groove-infested classic rock for which he is best known.

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