Eight Halloween Ideas For Today's Hottest Pop Stars

John Mayer as Justin Bieber
John Mayer as Justin Bieber
Photo Illustrations by Monica Fuentes

Halloween is only a little over a week away, and the spirit of the season is in the air. Rocks Off knows everyone has already picked out their costumes: Girls are starving themselves to fit into that slutty nurse or cop uniform, while boys are waxing their legs to wear a pair of thigh-highs.

Children are chomping at the bit for free candy from strangers, and your animals are dreading what embarrassing outfit you will make them wear this year. But what about your favorite musicians? What can they do to spice up their holiday? We want our celebrities to make a statement.

Taylor Swift as a goth girl
Taylor Swift as a goth girl

We played in Photoshop for a few hours and came up with a few ideas for some of music's biggest acts. No telling if they will take our advice, but at least we got to see what Justin Bieber looks like naked. Sort of. Hey wait, you know what we meant. You don't have to call anyone.

We can make a deal. You like concert tickets? Sure you do.

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