Eisley, with Reggie and the Full Effect and New Found Glory

In 2003, Eisley had all the momentum in the world. That year saw the four siblings -- three sisters and a brother -- from Tyler, Texas, shine with two amazing EPs, an opening slot touring with Coldplay and national press that included an MTV-produced "You Hear It First" promotion. Between every accolade for their dreamy pop songs and gorgeous harmonies lay a reminder: "Look out for their new album." Unfortunately, people didn't. Room Noises should have made 2005 the year of Eisley, but by the time the full-length came out a year and a half later, national press had quieted. It's tragic, because the group finally came to fruition with serious made-for-WB beauty-pop. But the young band is still looking to capitalize by opening for pop-punkers New Found Glory and Get Up Kids spin-off Reggie and the Full Effect. Go and make those Tyler kids famous already!


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