El Guapo, with Kill Me Tomorrow

Are they art punks? Avant-garde knob twirlers? This tough-to-categorize trio from the nation's capital specializes in minimalist sound collages far removed from most of their mates on noted punk label Dischord. Bizarre instrumental loops, swirls, squeaks, robotic rhythms, vocal chanting, sound snippets -- they're all part of El Guapo's current release, Super/ System, which could pass as nightclub music on the planet of Logan's Run. Formed in 1996, the current lineup -- together for two years -- includes Peter Carafella, Rafael Cohen and Justin Moyer. But though they may have taken their name from the memorably grungy (and horny) villain of Three Amigos, don't expect them to produce a singing cactus onstage -- just a plethora of sounds.


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