Eliot Lipp

Eliot Lipp: The self-proclaimed 'Rachael Ray of electro.'

IDM, blip-hop, glitch-bop, beatronic — whatever you want to call it, very little music remains as pure, untouched and uniquely refreshing as that of electronic music producer Eliot Lipp. After ten years, the self-proclaimed “Rachael Ray of electro” continues to defy labeling and cheeky monikers with his remarkable knack for melody, transforming sound into a perpetual stream of kinetic magic from a table full of blinking lights, keys, knobs and buttons that'd make any real gear geek go gaga. Certainly, there are moments in Lipp's music that echo something we may have heard before, from Autechre in the early-mid '90s, when their beat abstraction was more subtle and gentle, to contemporary avant beat savage Prefuse 73, who released Lipp's debut full-length in 2004 on his own Eastern Developments label. But an average beat maker following in the path of others he is not. Lipp is an ambitious artist, unafraid to take neo-futuristic/retro strides forward, all the while creating something truly immediate and in the moment.

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