Emilie Autumn

One niche of goth music continues to rise in popularity: groups who incorporate or, better yet, focus on using stringed instruments. We're talking artists like Zoe Keating, the always-worthy Rasputina and, of course, Emilie Autumn. The famously lavish and bipolar violinist had the chops to be included on Dethklok's Dethalbum, which in one stroke makes her more metal than anyone within a 100-mile radius of her corseted, tiny-hatted person. Her "Victoriandustrial" spectacles incorporate harsh, modern electronica, burlesque and classical fiddling to generate a show that would have kept the Marquis de Sade on the edge of his love swing. Her next full-length recording, Fight Like a Girl, is due this year. In the meantime, we're going to go back and spin 2006's Opheliac one more time — it's much easier than actually committing yourself to an asylum.


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