It's been a while since Enon cofounders John Schmersal and drummer Matt Schulz have called Dayton, Ohio, home, which is partially why it's taken almost four years for the post-everything, electro-savvy trio's Grass Geysers, Carbon Clouds (Touch and Go) to materialize. With roots in post-punk rhythm aces Brainiac and Skeleton Key, Enon has been a full-time band since 2000, as capable of brooding electronic experimental pop as indie-rock loops-n-synths fun-fests. After 2003's Hocus Pocus, burned out from heavy touring, the by-then Brooklyn-based Enon took an extended hiatus, silent except for 2005's rarities disc Lost Marbles and Exploded Evidence. Now that Schmersal and bassist Toko Yasuda have relocated to Philly (Shulz stayed behind, where he moonlights in lo-fi electronic-rock collective Holy Fuck), Enon is a band reborn, as Grass Geysers illustrates in flying colors. On tracks like "Mirror on You," their bass-driven power pop evokes the immediate New Wave cool of Tones on Tail's "Go" as it channels the punch of the White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army." "There are electronics, but it's more subtle than, say, Hocus Pocus," says Schulz. "At the end of the day, it is pop music, it is rock music, but we fuck with the preconception of what that is."


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