Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez

We feel sorry for people who didn't like the last set of singles from Latin pop superstar Enrique Iglesias. "Tonight (I'm Fucking You)" and "I Like It" were mini-symphonies of overly caffeinated pure pop power. Heard in the morning hours, the songs negated the need for coffee or tea and were almost menacing in their catchiness. (At least according to reports...cough.) College students should keep these songs handy when they need that extra oomph to study, Adderall be damned. Okay, maybe that's going too far. He does say "fucking" in a song, something that you know his father Julio wanted to do his whole career. We can only hope he plays these two songs live over and over again for his entire set, and maybe throw in "Hero," because chicks dig it in any language. Oh, Jennifer Lopez is on the bill, too. Isn't it crazy how she actually thinks she's a musician?


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