Enter Shikari

Apparently aiming to appeal to every single one of their young Brit peers, Enter Shikari marry metalcore muscle and post-hardcore guitar adventurism to early-hours trance/electronica hedonism and the grimy grooves of dubstep and drum 'n' bass. Oddly, far from devolving into some lowest-common-denominator mush, their music sounds vital, heartfelt and, most of all, inevitable. (As in "Why didn't someone do this sooner?") Third album A Flash Flood of Colour makes militaristic riffs and guttural Middle Earth growls the utterly logical bedfellows of post-Prodigy beats, bouncy dancehall bass lines, Streets-y spoken-word rants and sudden, massive cascades of melody. Both documenting and defying belligerent, chav-era England (ironically, a warehouse full of their CDs and DVDs was torched during last August's London riots), Enter Shikari are a wonderfully freethinking, one-stop British invasion.


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