It's now been a full quarter-century since Erasure's debut The Innocents, but you'd never know it. Back from wherever it is arty electro duos go to recharge their batteries — like Numbers, where vocalist Andy Bell made a solo stop last year — Erasure is about to release their 14th album of supreme synth-pop, Tomorrow's World. First single "When I Start to Break It All Down" has a bit of a darker cast than the duo's catalog as a whole, but it's all Erasure: a sterling melody from keyboard maestro Vince Clarke, Bell's pristine vocals, and DJ-ready drum track. While showcasing World with a dystopian-goth cathedral stage set and desert-themed backdrop — Erasure live is more like ballet productions than rock concerts; see 2005 DVD The Erasure Show: Live in Cologne — there's still plenty of room for all the Classic Numbers numbers we've come to know and love: "Chorus," "Victim of Love," "A Little Respect," "Oh L'Amour" and oh so many more.


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