Erasure, Robot Unicorns Bring Happiness To All

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Erasure, Robot Unicorns Bring Happiness To All

If you have the kind of job where you can play flash games on Adult Swim's Web site like your daily VJ does, then there is now way you have missed the absolute perfection that is Robot Unicorn Attack. Combining the simple, addictive gameplay of Super Mario Bros. with state-of-the-art graphics, you control a robot unicorn on a quest to make all your wishes come true.

But the highly addictive gameplay and genius melding of unicorns and robots is only half the game's genius. The other half is that this little adventure is set an endlessly replaying loop of Erasure's "Always," and it goes together like Dio and dragons.

Unfortunately, YouTube and its archaic copyright laws keep taking down videos of the proper gameplay, but for now, here's as best a sample as we could come up with. Experience the wonder.


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