Eric Benét, Boyz II Men

Let's try to forget about Halle when Eric Benét comes to town. We know — it's hard. It's quite likely that many a fiery barbershop debate has occurred when someone just uttered his name. ("What's wrong with that boy! He had the finest sista in the land, but he couldn't keep it in his pants! Now she's run off with some white boy who knocked her up!") Of course, we should keep in mind that the man isn't coming to town to discuss his failed relationships, but to provide music for those who are keeping their relationships in check. Hopefully, as Benét drops his sensitive, honey-dripping, R&B slow jams — which, being the boho brotha he is, he'll probably sing barefoot — brothas won't think about how much this guy screwed up a good thing. Instead, they'll be reminded not to screw up the good thing they already have. Benét will be joined by Boyz II Men, also serving up their ­midnight-love ditties for the date-night crowd.


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