Eric Roberson

Eric Roberson loves all his fans. Well, all of them except for us, apparently.

Not too long ago, he asked all his fans online to send him photos of them to include in the booklet for his just-released CD, Music Fan First. And sure enough, the booklet is padded with photos of adoring fans, many of them posing with Roberson himself. Unfortunately, what the booklet doesn't include is an illustration our friend from Baltimore did of Roberson and ourselves (with a gigantic Afro — don't ask). What the hell, man? C' mon, Erro! Aren't we music fans first too, gotdammit? Oh, who the hell are we kidding? This oversight still won't stop us from loving the man and his work. The indie soulster and New Jersey native has virtually done the impossible: make a nice, comfortable living recording and performing R&B without the help of a major label, thanks mostly to a loyal, steady fanbase who buys his CDs, attends his shows and is ready and willing to follow the man anywhere. Music Fan First, great album that it is, is Roberson's thank-you to those devotees who helped him not only become a success, but helped him prove a musician can get along just fine outside the music industry. Omitted picture aside, let us just say you're welcome.


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