Eric Taylor, with Andrea Parodi, ­Massimiliano Larocca and Marco Fecchio

I never really understood how huge Texas music is in Italy until I reviewed a James Talley album recorded live in Italy a few years ago. Through corresponding with Talley, I learned not only how big that scene is over there but how many great Italian players and singers there are. Obviously, if you follow Texas singer-songwriters, Eric Taylor is a virtual household word with a long history dating back to the earliest days of the whole Houston folk-music scene. This time around, though, Taylor is bringing in some major Italian talent to share the stage. Andrea Parodi and Massimiliano Larocca both currently have hits on the Italian charts; it seems odd to be saying "Italian stars of Americana," but that's exactly what these guys are. Their secret weapon in all this is extraordinary guitarist Marco "Python" Fecchio, who will be playing lead guitar for Taylor, Parodi and Larocca. This should make for an historic show at a joint already steeped in them.


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