Erykah Badu: New Amerykah, Part One (4th World War)

Erykah Badu calls for funky revolution on New Amerykah.

In an election year themed around change, Erykah Badu has chosen the perfect time to release her long-awaited fourth studio effort, New Amerykah Part One (4th World War). Meshing the sounds of Parliament with the political consciousness found in the early days of hip-hop, Badu delivers yet another substantive album that's completely left-field compared to the efforts of her R&B peers. Working with an eclectic mix of collaborators such as 67-year-old jazz vibraphonist Roy Ayers, DJ/rapper/producer Madlib (Talib Kweli) and Little Brother producer 9th Wonder, Badu combines introspective lyrics with blazing beats to give listeners both an earful and a mouthful. Whether she's musing on the state of hip-hop, what it means to raise a young son in a violent world, or the apathy plaguing many members of the urban community, the soul diva gives her state of the union and shares her vision of a better world in the grooviest way possible. If this is what Badu's America would be like, the revolution can't start quickly enough.

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