No doubt you have already heard Estelle's British coo on this side of the Atlantic, attached to the dulcet voices of Kanye West or Rick Ross. West and Estelle's "American Boy," detailing a humorous culture clash, was easily one of the most earworm-ready singles of 2008. Whereas American R&B stars like Nicki Minaj and Barbados transplant Rihanna are heavy on the electronics and S&M sass, Estelle is seemingly rooted in a disco-heavy, '80s-toned dance-pop created by the likes of Donna Summer and Whitney Houston, when shoulder pads were a necessary fashion staple. The singles telegraphing this month's long-gestating LP All of Me, like the Akon-penned slow-burn of "Thank You," show her to be a worthy alternative to the other gals clogging the airwaves, even with AutoTune attached. Other guests on the disc, scheduled for February 28, include Rick Ross, Chris Brown and Janelle Monáe, who teams with Estelle on the ?uestlove-produced "Do My Thing."


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