Exclusive: Craig Kinsey's "Montrose Boulevard Blues"

I’ve been feeling pretty down about a bunch of crap lately – the march of condos all over town and the douche-ification of Washington Avenue, among other things -- but the Sideshow Tramps' Craig Kinsey has gone and cheered me up with this here jazzy little ragtime-feeling “Montrose Boulevard Blues,” a Houstoned Rocks World Exclusive.

That is some handmade music, people. It makes me homesick for the neighborhood I called home for so much of my life. (Now if only someone will pen a song even half as good about Stella Link.)

Kinsey tells me that the song – which will be on his upcoming solo debut -- just might be appearing in a national ad campaign for the city of Houston, and if the powers-that-be have good sense, it will.

I have only heard it twice, but I already think it’s one of the loveliest little tunes about our city. – John Nova Lomax


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