Exes On Tour: White Stripes, ABBA, Lindsey & Stevie...

Exes On Tour: White Stripes, ABBA, Lindsey & Stevie...

We're all familiar with the credo against intra-office dating, often crudely expressed as "Don't shit where you eat." Most of us subscribe to it, knowing the potential drama it could ensue. "How will this affect my work," we wonder. "What happens if we break up?"

But all's fair in love and war - and rock and roll... Or is it? The following artists took that hackneyed rule, threw it out the window, and took up with their "co-workers" - in this instance, their bandmates.

7. Juliana Hatfield & Evan Dando:

Considered by many the "it" couple of 90s alt-rock, the "My Sister" singer and Lemonheads front man never exactly confirmed their relationship, though we were all convinced of its existence. Hatfield often loaned her pixie-esque vocals to Dando's songs, the two becoming synonymous of one another. Dando eventually married model Elizabeth Moses in 2000, though the couple split earlier this year.

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Hatfield and Dando performed together as recently as this September, when they reunited for a two-night gig at New York's Mercury Lounge. Though the duo has always kept their relationship undefined, Hatfield's aptly-titled "Evan," from her solo album Peace & Love, reveals a generous inkling of the pair's enduring 20-year bond. "I tried to write you off," Juliana professes, "But I can't so I'll give it up... Evan, I just love you, I guess." You do the math.

6. D'Arcy Wretzky & James Iha:

As if the Smashing Pumpkins needed any added drama to their rocky history, a love connection sprouted between guitarist Iha and bassist Wretzky in the early '90s. The relationship didn't last long; by the time the band released 1993's Siamese Dream, they had broken up. Fast-forward a decade, we saw D'Arcy's 1999 departure from the band and the eventual demise of the Pumpkins.

In 2008, Iha and Wretzky filed a lawsuit against the band's former label, Virgin Records, alleging the label, along with Pumpkins front man Billy Corgan amended the band's contract without their consent, paying royalties for digital downloads to Corgan, but not them.

The duo also both opted out of Corgan's 2008 revival of the band, Wretzky preferring a life out of the limelight, and Iha joining A Perfect Circle. After all these years, it seems the former flames still share a unifying bond - their distaste for their former front man.

5. Lauryn Hill & Wyclef Jean:

The Fugees' singers are believed to have dated throughout the majority of the group's five-year career, though it was a relationship that friends of the pair have referred to as "complicated." Considering Jean married wife Marie Claudinette in 1994, we'd believe it.

Though we were led to believe it was Hill who disbanded the group in 1997, Jean cast some light on the break-up in a 2003 interview with People, admitting his affair with bandmate Hill was the catalyst for the group's split. Ultimately, he chose to re-devote himself to his marriage and the bandmates parted ways. He confessed, "I was young, I was crazy, I was a ladies' man."

Hill too moved on, taking up with son of reggae icon Bob Marley, Rohan Marley. The couple has had five children together since 1997.

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