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Explain Your Most Played

This week’s Explain Your Most Played, in which we examine the top ten songs of a


staffer, is particularly cruel. Since Craig Malisow and I share the same iTunes network, I can go in and check his list for myself, so he has no chance to lie. And since I am a sadistic bastard, I will post this before I even let him know what’s up.

Craig Malisow, staff writer:

1. Chicago, “Feelin’ Stronger Every Day” 2. The Who, “Happy Jack” 3. Billy Joel, “Allentown” 4. Traffic, “Empty Pages” 5. Pavement, “Cut Your Hair” 6. Warren Zevon, “Numb as a Statue” 7. Gnarls Barkley, “Crazy” 8. Supertramp, “Bloody Well Right” 9. Eddie Money, “Gimme Some Water” 10. Chuck Cornish, “Ali; Funky Thing Part One”

So Craig, defend that #1 pick at your leisure…Also, Eddie Money? You makin’ a run for the Mexican border or somethin’? – John Nova Lomax


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