Fallcore XI

Houston hardcore and metal institution Fallcore returns to Fitzgerald's for its eleventh bruising all-nighter. Anyone who grew up punk in Houston in the early 2000s spent time at a handful of Fallcore festivals, like me — I was indoctrinated back sometime in 2001 upstairs at Fitz to the strains of Will to Live, a furious yet friendly mosh pit and a few new crooks in the nose. This year's lineup is a good cross-section of what's heavy in Houston, with an emphasis on the metal this time rather than your traditional hardcore groups, though WTL, The Burden and headliners Power Trip are just a few notable exceptions. Heading up the hairier side of the evening are 2011 breakouts Venomous Maximus — who snagged a Houston Press Music Award nomination this year — and War Master, whose cassettes are sought after far outside the state line. We can't stress this enough: If you have younger relatives who are starting to get into the harder jams, be sure you take them to Fallcore at least once so they can see how true hardcore lifers get things done.


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