Family Values Tour

The Deftones have a hard time sitting still -- at least that's what guitarist Stephen Carpenter says. After years of almost nonstop touring, the five-piece hard rock band has forgotten how to live like regular civilians. So, jumping on the Family Values Tour seemed natural. Especially since the Deftones' friends, Korn, share the bill. The two bands have often purposefully distanced themselves from each other, to avoid the obvious comparisons and competition, but that was a long time ago. Now the groups just want to have fun and play music with their friends. Both groups have promised to perform "Wicked" on stage together, but the Deftones will be performing mostly new material from their upcoming self-titled CD due out in September; it's their fifth studio recording.

Since their beginnings back in 1988, the Deftones have sold more three million concert tickets and four million albums, including the classic Grammy-winning White Pony. Made up of Chino Moreno on vocals and guitar, Abe Cunningham on drums, Chi Cheng on bass, Frank Delgado on keys and Stephen Carpenter on guitar, the Deftones will be on the road all summer, crisscrossing the United States and Canada, with just enough time off to headline the Summer Sonic Festival in Japan.


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