Call off the truant officer, because the school of lo-fi sass is back in session. To kick things off, Brooklyn's Fannypack throws itself a raunchy little pep rally on "Keep It Up," with MCs Jessibel, Belinda and Cat playing head cheerleaders to a band of whistle-blows and sneaker-squeaks conducted by producers Fancy and Matt. See You Next Tuesday's appeal is a bit lopsided in that awkward way of adolescence. The first half sees the girls knocking aside the bling, bravado and, er, golden pimp-cups of hip-hop's reigning male elite with the flick of a Lee Press-On Nail: Check the minimalist crunk of "Feet and Hands" and the biting of Busta Rhymes's classic Tribe Called Quest cameo ("Oh my gosh, oh my gosh") on the dirty, back-porch, electro-blues "Seven One Eight." The second half is more lackluster, though, as Fannypack does dancehall on the clichéd "Fire, Fire" and takes a tepid stab at old-school hip-hop on "You Gotta Know." Still, with Tuesday the group has managed to keep the nasty reputation it originally picked up with classics like "Camel Toe." Stay the same, never change, Fannypack. BFF.


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