Fat Man and Little Boy

Ex-Bad Liver Mark Rubin has always had a huge irony-filled humorous streak in his work, so we weren't exactly surprised to see the following blurb on his new project Fat Man and Little Boy's MySpace page: "We suffered for our art, now it's your turn." The site also describes the music as "blues/country/comedy." Rubin's musical choices have always been left-of-center, and are often as far out in left field as anyone in roots music goes, so it is somewhat surprising to find Rubin and musical cohort Sal Lowenstein dipping into rural string-band tunes like "Dallas Rag." Fortunately, both guys can rip on whatever they decide to play — mandolin, fiddle, tuba, guitar, ukulele — and whatever their fingers don't slice and dice, their tongues do. This marks FM&LB's first performance in Houston, but surely not the last.


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