Fat Tony's Black Christmas

Night before Christmas? Nah, man. Night after Christmas. "It's a good time to get shit poppin' because all the kids got money from their parents...and they got nothing to do," says local rapper/promoter Fat Tony, who plans to get the house stirring with the clatter of in- and out-of-towners: "B L A C K I E because he's my favorite rapper from Houston, Speak! because he's my favorite rapper from California and Caddywhompus because I think they're the best band in town," he says. Naturally, Tony is also on the roster along with the evening's host, Houston's own Misfit of R&B, You(Genious). Fat Tony will undoubtedly use his time on the mike to unwrap some of the latest tracks from his album RABDARGAB, which he promises will soon have a release date that does not include the acronym TBD. But those looking to take a trinket home can grab the latest (cassette) tape release from local anaerobic rapper B L A C K I E; you're sure to have some change in your pocket thanks to the $5 suggested donation. Fat Tony says the point is to include as many people as possible, even those who can't spare a green Lincoln. "Some kids can't even afford that," he says in a nod to the reason for the season.


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