Female Demand

This past month, Houston duo Female Demand released Outside the Universe, their first full-length LP after two EPs. Universe was produced by Manny Nieto, who has done behind-the-scenes work for HEALTH, The Breeders and Will Crum, and first worked with Female Demand on their 2010 EP. Universe is infinitely groovier and more aggressive than the two EPs, and stands out as a great debut-LP statement. Bassist Bradley Muñoz and drummer Jonathan Perez create one of the most hectic live experiences we've seen in years, trapping crowds inside a harsh bubble of sound, sweat and light. On Universe, they trade off on vocals, adding to the cacophony. A single, "Paint My Brains with Your House," has been getting mucho love from the indie blogosphere from as far away as the UK. Female Demand has been nominated for a Best Experimental/Noise trophy in this year's Houston Press Music Awards, and Universe makes a strong case for their sealing up the honor.


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