Over its nearly 30-year career, this diverse ska/metal/punk/reggae L.A. band never really got the recognition it deserved. The specific reasons are hard to pin down, except that upon founding guitarist Kendall Jones's departure, Fishbone bounced from label to label during the '90s, and the constant lineup changes that ensued definitely took their toll. But today, that doesn't seem to matter anymore. Founded by Angelo Moore and Norwood Fisher — now the sole remaining original members — in 1979, Fishbone soldiers on as a whole new generation of fans begins to discover the band through younger mainstream acts like Gwen Stefani, who appeared on 2000's The Psychotic Friends Nuttwerx. After a six-year break during which its lineup received a near-total overhaul, Fishbone had a busy 2006: appearing in two 2006 movies, OutKast's made-for-HBO Idlewild and David Arquette's directorial debut The Tripper, and playing the band in Christina Aguilera's "Ain't No Other Man" video. Still on the road supporting that year's Still Stuck in Your Throat, these "Sunless Saturday" guys are inching ever closer to that long-overdue respect.


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