Five Celebrity Costumes To Avoid At All Costs

This one is, uhhh... not on the list.
This one is, uhhh... not on the list.

Halloween: The one night grown men and women have a legitimate excuse to look like clowns. Call us crazy, but we stopped dressing up for Halloween at 13. We still love you and your ridiculous costume. We really do.

That's why we've taken the time to offer some wonderful ideas that will keep you from making a complete tomfoolery of yourself this Halloween. Read on for five music celebrity costumes to avoid like the plague.

5. Kanye West

Yeah, nothing says "classy" like shutter shades. Would you like to know what else a Kanye getup says? "Gaze thee upon this certified bag of douche."

Better Idea: Stuff cotton ball in your mouth, don a fake beard, and go as Rick Ross.

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4. Elvis Presley

As tempting as it is to don a shiny Elvis jumpsuit for Halloween, trust us here and ditch this one. You'll end up looking like a cliché wrapped up in a human being.

Better Idea: Get a blowout and go as Antoine Dodson.

3. Justin Bieber

Leave the loopy Bieber imitation to Tom Brady. Sure, Brady now has the worst hairdo in professional sports. Look, the guy is banging Gisele Bundchen, he can rock a retro frohawk and a gold tooth if he wants.

Better Idea: Glue rug strands to your forehead and go as Donald Trump

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