Five Reasons Your Bass Player Hates You

Five Reasons Your Bass Player Hates You

John Entwistle. Paul McCartney. Cliff Burton. Flea. John Paul Jones. Geddy Lee. Les Claypool. Geezer Butler. Lemmy. Lemmy!

These are just some of the best bassists that rock and roll has ever seen. But not all is bright for these folks, thumping or picking away on their rumbling four-string steeds. Next to drummers, bassists are some of the most misunderstood and unloved members of the rock-band dynamic.

Bassists have plenty of things to complain about, be it muddied sound, haughty attitudes from lead guitarists, lead-singer dramatics and drumming dullards who can't count. We let a few anonymous Houston bassists vent about their biggest pet peeves, as well as a few of the good things about being one-half of a rhythm section.

Five Reasons Your Bass Player Hates You


  • "Some sound 'engineers' don't know how to mix the bass so that the entire note is audible, and not just the marshmallow bottom end."
  • "Then there are sound guys refuse to miKE my amp, which is an awesome tubed Ampeg with super-sweet vintage tone, and tell me, 'Ah, I usually just run the bass direct in.' Lazy assholes."
  • "I hate getting mixed almost completely out of recordings to make room for clearer cymbals or douche-baggy, overly reverbed vocals."


  • "It's great how some guitarists will try to write a song like Jimmy Page and completely ignore chord structure and phrasing, and expect the bassist to just pick it right up and turn their asinine noodling into a coherent song."
  • "I may spend hours building awesome, complementary basslines and even throw in some solos, and nobody notices because it's not some wanking, squealing guitar solo."
  • "I've written the majority of the songs for most of the bands I've been in, and then had them changed by the guitarists and drummers and singers so much that I no longer get credit."
  • "It really bothers me when I try to introduce a new song to a band and they immediately call it boring or too simple. It's a bass line, you idiot! It needs you to help it turn into something great."

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