Five Terrible Rap-Related Business Ideas

Five Terrible Rap-Related Business Ideas

If you believe the bean counters at Forbes, rhyme still pays and the 2010 hip-hop cash kings (Jay-Z, Diddy, Eminem, etc.) are cashing major checks from their business ventures. But cashing in on rap commercialism is no cake walk. If you have no intention of ever making Forbes' Cash Kings list, however, please read on for five hip-hop-themed business ideas that will surely guarantee failure.

Five Terrible Rap-Related Business Ideas

1. Flavor of Love: The Video Hos Edition

In the words of Chris Rock, "I love Flavor Flav, but he has to be shot." While Flavor will always have a special place in Rocks Off's heart as the greatest hype man ever, it will take thousands of years to repair the embarrassment he's brought to Public Enemy's name with his VH1 reality show and its myriad spin-offs. Not even a special edition with Hall of Fame video models can salvage his legacy.

2. Pimp Juice

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Here's a great idea: Let's make energy drinks that taste like berries mixed with Madonna's armpit. Oh, we need a name for it? Well, is "Booty Sweat" available? Better idea: Let's call it "Pimp Juice" and cross-market it with the similarly titled Nelly song. While everyone was laughing at the name and concept, Nelly was laughing all the way to the bank.

But PJ's success turned out to be short-lived. What's the old saying about fooling some of the people some of the time?

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