Flaco Jimenez

Rumor has it Flaco Jimenez has been known to take a drink or two. There are also those who claim, "That cat is messed up all the time." Whatever his state of mental impairment (or improvement), there's no denying the 69-year-old San Antonio accordionist is the absolute king of his instrument and genre. While father Santiago was known as the inventor of conjunto, it's his son who has cast the music around the world, touring not only on his own but with such legendary outfits as Texas Tornados. Jimenez has played with an astounding array of artists including the Clash, Dwight Yoakam, Los Super Seven and Los Lobos. He's also recorded with Bob Dylan, Ry Cooder and Buck Owens, winning a handful of Grammys along the way. While much of Jimenez's storied career has been as a sideman (albeit an exceptionally charismatic one), his own albums and shows are as authentic as a bowl of Westside San Antonio chili. The legend just grows.


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