Flashbulb Fires

Flashbulb Fires is an unusual booking for Dan Electro's, the venerable north Heights haunt known for its hard-rocking guitar-slingers and headbanging bands. In walks in Flashbulb Fires, a Colorado trio whose roots lie more in the lush psychedelic pop of mid-'90s Elephant 6 collective, with a hint of the blissful but melancholy soundscapes of 4AD artists such as the Cocteau Twins. Younger ears have also heard Grizzly Bear, which makes sense. The Fires' most recent release, 2009's Gasconader, is a concept album of sorts about a self-righteous evangelizer urging his lover to repent before the Rapture arrives, and by extension an indictment of big-boxed-in suburban American culture. (On a Monday night, too.) Mostly it's just beautiful, and will sound even more so under the iridescent starscape of Dan Electro's interior. So maybe this isn't such an unusual booking after all.


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