Flight of the Conchords

Wow. For only being "New Zealand's fourth most popular novelty folk duo," singer/guitarists Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement must be pretty ambitious to book Jones Hall. But of course, it will be filled with fans of their brilliant Flight of the Conchords HBO series, which follows the adventures of...a hapless New Zealand novelty-folk duo named Bret and Jemaine trying to make a career for themselves in New York City. Where the "real" and "premium cable channel" duos diverge doesn't really matter, as long as the former Victoria University students banter in character and play through an already-great catalogue that satirizes the words and music of lovemaking R&B ("It's Business Time"), Top 40 romantic ballads ("The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room"), French pop ("Foux du Fafa"), David Bowie ("Bowie") and the Pet Shop Boys ("Inner City Pressure"). How well the duo translates those familiar songs into a live setting without the supporting castmates — ahh, Murray, where are ya? — and visuals is a legitimate question, but the Conchords do have a real-life Best Comedy Album Grammy. And whether or not "only fan" Mel will be screaming her crimson curly-topped head off from the front row, they'll at least be funnier than anything coming out of dreaded rival Australia these days.


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