Foo Fighters

Perhaps the only thing more self-indulgent than issuing a double album is planning a surprise party for yourself and then feigning astonishment when your guests emerge. Many such releases have been ostentatious, masturbatory excursions, while others (Bitches Brew, London Calling, Sign of the Times, Life After Death) have been warranted, even momentous, capturing the respective musicians at their creative apex. Granted, the Foo Fighters can hardly be seen as timeless trailblazers on par with any of the artists who made those albums. But the act's latest certainly leans in their direction. In Your Honor contains some of the band's sharpest material since The Colour and the Shape, which also threatens to undermine it: Ultimately, the former sounds like an extended version of the latter. Honor's first disc is brimming with Dave Grohl's trademark adrenalized anthems, while the second summons its inner Cat Stevens. Anyway, the package's list price is commensurate with that of a single offering -- and that in itself is worthy of honor.


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