Frankie Beverly and Maze, Johnny Gill, En Vogue

After the last custom ride at DUB magazine's car show bounces out of Reliant Arena, Sean Kingston, Lil Scrappy and the rest make way for a little grown-folks music. One of the most successful groups nine out of ten white people have never heard of, Frankie Beverly and Maze have landed in Billboard's R&B Top 20 14 times, most recently with 1993's "The Morning After." "Back in Stride" and "Can't Get Over You" went all the way to No. 1, while Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock, er, "borrowed" Maze's "Joy and Pain" for the follow-up to "It Takes Two." Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, the Bay Area-based group has headlined RodeoHouston's Black Heritage Day several times, so its elegant, emotional brand of soul should sound extra intimate in Reliant Arena's relatively cozy confines. Former New Edition lead singer (he replaced Bobby Brown for a spell) Johnny "Rub You the Right Way" Gill and eternally funky divas En Vogue round out an evening of supple grooves and New Jack memories.


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