Will a few grams of marijuana end DJ Frankie G's radio career?
Will a few grams of marijuana end DJ Frankie G's radio career?

Frankie G Gets Busted

McAllen radio DJ Frankie G (also known as Francisco Garcia) got fired last month. His on-air performance on his daily Wild 104 "The Mojo Morning Show" was fine -- it was his driving around with 38 grams of marijuana and two high school kids in his car that got him booted. Cops reportedly pulled Frankie over for not wearing his seat belt. When the officer noticed a strong smell of marijuana in the car, he asked Frankie for permission to search it and that turned up the pot. Frankie got taken off to jail, and the kids, who were in a school-sanctioned mentoring program with the DJ, got taken back to class. Frankie's obligatory "deer-in-the-headlights" mug shot was released to the press soon after.

When he got out, Frankie was fired from both his job at Wild 104 and the school's mentoring program. If convicted of the charges, Frankie could face up to 180 days in jail. In the meantime he has to face the fans.

Here are a few of the letters and e-mails Frankie G received:


Frankie G

Dear Frankie:

I consider your arrest to be harassment of the highest degree, and I want you to know that we here at the Southern Alliance for the Legalization of All Drugs (SALAD) are behind you 100 percent. I myself am currently unjustly incarcerated for the possession of a minuscule amount of cocaine and understand your feelings of persecution. Please let us know if you need any assistance with legal representation. SALAD has over a dozen attorneys among its membership, and two of them are still even licensed to practice.

Your brother in the struggle,

Inmate #4769302-C5320


Seeing your mug shot brought me a flood of old memories -- you used to be fine in high school, papi. But then I remembered you dumped me just before prom because you wanted to take fat Lana La Marrana, so I'm glad they caught your ass. Pendejo.

Yours (NOT!)

Lana La Marrana's Skinny Sister

FrankE -

stay strong bro - you'll be okay if you just stay strong.

and get a good lawyer.

and lie on the stand.

and bribe the judge.

and flee the jurisdiction before they read the verdict.

(that fleeing-the-jurisdiction part is the most important.)

Jackie J AKA Juan el Gringo

somewhere in Mexico

Dear Frankie G:

My mom says for me not to respect you anymore since you got arrested for pot. She says that you are a moron, but I still like you. I miss you on the radio, but my mom says the show is better without you. I wanted to be a DJ like you, but now my mom says I have to be a cop like the one that busted you. She says she doesn't want no son of hers to be a retard like you. My mom talks a lot, but the last time I told her something about it she smacked me, and I lost one of my front teeth. My mom says I don't need my teeth to be a cop and to shut up.

I hope your mom is nicer.


Seventh grade


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