Free Booze At Former Meridian Tonight

Free Booze At Former Meridian Tonight

This just keeps getting messier and messier, but one happy byproduct of the unpleasant change of hands the Old Chinatown venue is currently undergoing is that tonight, everyone of legal drinking age will be allowed two free drinks at the show by Japanese DJ Satoshe Tomiie. A donation for the Disabled Veterans of America is requested, however. The liquor license on file with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is still under the name of exiled Wired Live owner Anosh Ahmed, explained Jeff Barry, attorney for landlords SG Properties and currently the venue's general manager, and the paperwork to suspend Ahmed's license and transfer it to the current operators is in progress. In the meantime, Barry said, "there ain't nothing wrong with giving it away for free." Rocks Off will have much more on this situation soon. Trust us.

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