Free Lindsay Lohan: Chances Hath Spoken!

Free Lindsay Lohan: Chances Hath Spoken!
Craig Hlavaty

You get it? Because Lindsay Lohan dated a girl and Chances is a bar where women kiss women on the mouth and hold hands?

Montrose haunt Chances showed its support for soon-to-be-incarcerated actress and model Lindsay Lohan ahead of her 90-day jail term this weekend with this message.

Personally, we think jail will be good for Lohan, seeing that prison time has always done wonders for actors of her caliber. Look at Robert Downey Jr. - just a decade ago, he was breaking into houses and smoking crack. Now he's freakin' Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes.

So in a decade, when Lohan has two Oscars under her arm and is married to Justin Beiber, everything will be right with the world.

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