Frost, with Angelina and NB Ridaz

It's been 12 years since Frost's debut, Hispanic Causing Panic, dropped on the hip-hop nation and wised up a generation of Run-DMC, NWA and Public Enemy fanatics about how things get done in East L.A. -- not to mention the fact that Latin rap is not all about being "Rico Suave." A longtime homey to Ice T and Dr. Dre, Kid Frost was the first MC of Mexican descent to take his struggle to the eyes and ears of the hip-hop mainstream. Since then, Frost has mentored many an aspiring rap artist, and while his more recent albums have been somewhat obscure, he maintains notoriety among rap's cultural elite. Still up in the game in 2002, Frost brings a hip-hop history lesson that so many need to learn in these days of flash and excess.


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