Garrison Starr

Garrison Starr's smoldering ballads and heavily textured rockers have garnered her lots of critical praise and helped build a dedicated following in her adopted home town of Los Angeles. She's got the looks, the licks and the voice to go for MTV stardom but has chosen a different route for her music. Her latest album, The Sound of You & Me, was released on the prestigious folk label Vanguard. And the radio single "Beautiful in Los Angeles" has all the pop brightness of a Sheryl Crow tune. No matter the tempo or structure, Starr's songs are smart and sassy, and she delivers them with an attitude that projects independence and street savvy. It's a shame the industry seems so determined to limit the number of females who make it, because everything about Starr screams that she's the real deal, and Lord knows rock needs more real-deal women right now.

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