Gene Loves Jezebel

Anyone bummed Echo & the Bunnymen is skipping Houston on their way to SXSW can officially cheer up. (Relatively, of course.) Gene Loves Jezebel may not have the same Coldplay-endorsed cachet as Ian McCulloch's Ocean Rain lads, but they'll do just fine for anyone who likes their sulk with a generous side of melody. Founded by Welshmen twins Jay and Michael Aston in 1981, GLJ was a regular presence on the UK indie charts throughout the '80s thanks to an early endorsement by tastemaking BBC DJ John Peel. As the band gradually infused more dance music into its somber Goth-rock, it eventually pricked ears on this side of the pond as well; "Jealous" reached the middle regions of the Hot 100 in 1990. Despite a constant stream of lineup changes — Michael left in 1989; GLJ's current touring roster features former Generation X guitarist James Stevenson — even later albums like 1999's Love Lies Bleeding radiate a melancholy swoon. If you've set foot inside Classic Numbers in the last six months, this is the show for you. Raincoats a must.

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