George Thorogood & the Destroyers

One bourbon, one Scotch and five decades have made George Thorogood one of the most punishing and excruciatingly fun boogie-rockers on the planet. With his band the (Delaware) Destroyers, Thorogood's naughty vocals and lyrical content have been turning crowds to mush since his 1977 self-titled debut. His House of Blues show about a year ago was one of the most raucous of our young damned life, as we made quick friends with a group of hip, sweaty, pot-smoking grannies and grandpas. His live set lists are smoldering blues-rock workouts, with centerpieces like "I Drink Alone," "Move It on Over" and "Get a Haircut" turning the clock back 30 years on the older audience members. Once you start seeing Thorogood shining those pearly whites into the air and doing his best Mick Jagger out in front of the lights, you will be fully converted — if the raunchy saxophone lines (a personal favorite) haven't done it already.


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