Get Blazed: 15 Stoner Hip-Hop Songs

Dom's album Rolling Papers is smoooooth.
Dom's album Rolling Papers is smoooooth.

Wiz Khalifa just dropped Rolling Papers. Yeah, we know, who gives a shit? To us, it just sounds like Eminem's Encore with entirely too much bad singing and. You may have already heard "Roll Up" on the radio; we'll save your 10 bucks: every other track on the album has the exact structure and sound as that single.

We can think of at least 70 better "stoner" albums than Rolling Papers, but we'll limit it to 15 this time. We're skipping the boring, obvious cuts on this list and sticking to some albums that sound better when you're lifted.

Domo Genesis, Rolling Papers "Drunk"

Domo, one of the members of Odd Future Wolf Gang, released Rolling Papers during the summer of last year. When Wiz announced the title to his LP on Twitter, Odd Future attacked him; Wiz never responded.

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This is yet another Odd Future stoner album that could blow kush smoke rings around Wiz's corny attempt. MellowHype is Hodgy Beats, who raps, and Left Brain, who produced the album. There are a few features from Tyler, The Creator and Earl Sweatshirt.

Cocorosie, Grey Oceans "Smokey Taboo"

Listening to this album feels like riding a cough syrup wave.

MF Doom, MM..Food? "Rap Snitch Knishes"

For your munchies.

Space Jam soundtrack "Basketball Jones"

We're not ones to incriminate ourselves, but we can remember being in high school waiting in line at Jack In The Box in a foggy sedan listening to this soundtrack. Don't knock it 'til you try it; it's the most underrated soundtrack in the game.

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