Of all the Wu-Tang Clan members, Ghostface has had the most consistent output as a solo artist. His sophomore record, 2000's Supreme Clientele, is a certified classic, while his other three releases are just a notch down in terms of quality. Bringing an old-soul sensibility to his emotionally charged raps, Ghostface (who recently dropped the "Killah" from his moniker) is lauded by critics and rappers alike, whether he's speaking of being raised on sugar-flavored water or recounting a drug deal gone awry. On his latest effort, Fish Scale, Ghost proves he can bring just as much heat as Juelz and Jeezy. Joining forces with MF Doom on five tracks, the Ironman has formed a superhero alliance that can't be stopped. And for those who think the Wu is finished, the whole Clan -- including the late ODB -- reunites on Fish for a posse cut that reminds us that they helped revolutionize the concept. If, like Ghost, you like your rap baked like ziti, then you'll want to feast on his surrealistic wordplay.


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