Gilberto Santa Rosa, Oscar D’León

It doesn't matter if you like salsa on the romantic side, old-school or infectiously danceable, you're sure to be happy at Sunday's Gilberto Santa Rosa/Oscar D'León performance. Puerto Rican Santa Rosa has a reputation as a soneo, or improvisation master. During his performance at Carnegie Hall, the first-ever appearance by a salsa singer, he improvised for four minutes on "Perdoname" ("Forgive Me"). Santa Rosa's 2009 LP El Caballero de la Salsa further solidified his position as one of the top tropical music singers. Venezuelan Oscar D'León started off as a bass player but found traveling with the bulky instrument too difficult, so he became a vocalist instead. Known as "the son singer of the world" – son is a style of Latin music; the well-known Cuban song "Guantanamera" is an example — D'León has suffered four heart attacks in the last two years (one of them onstage), so his cholesterol sucks, but his voice is in as good a shape as ever.


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