Bay Area rockers Girls have found a suitable moniker for their mushily emotional sunshine-pop, which chimes brightly enough to make you forget how damn fey the lyrics can be. The ultimate vibe is uplifting and breathless, even though many of the band's efforts seem like they must have been written immediately after a series of truly bad breakups. Snark aside, Girls manages to capture a wistful air without descending into overly sentimental territory. This is the kind of detached nostalgia brought on by almost too many beers on a sun-soaked summer day, hanging out in the back yard, with your legs sticking to the vinyl of your lounge chair. Gauzy textures soften the edges of twangy, echo-drenched guitar, with minimalist production keeping the proceedings from ever approaching feeling overwrought. Lest you think Girls can't get its hands dirty, the band throws in a few pointed rockers, channeling that listless summer vibe into boredom-fueled garage-rocking mayhem. Whether you prefer your midwinter blast of summer sun blitzed or breezy, Girls knows how to deliver. Of course, if you pay as much heed to the lyrics as to the music, the sun might not feel quite so sunny.


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