Southern Culture on the Skids will save a Little Debbie snack cake or two for  you.
Southern Culture on the Skids will save a Little Debbie snack cake or two for you.

Go-Go Girl

Dressed in her miniskirt and Nancy Sinatra go-go boots, hair bouffed to the max, Southern Culture on the Skids bassist Mary Huff is the ultimate rock and roll bad girl. So much so, we were almost too intimidated to interview this queen of all things Southern white trash, whose anthem is "Daddy Was a Preacher, Mama Was a Go-Go Girl." She and bandmates Rick Miller and Dave Hartman are known to fling pieces of fried chicken and Little Debbie snack cakes into the audience during their shows.

Chatter: How did the Southern Culture on the Skids concept come about?

Mary Huff: In the early '80s, the whole roots music scene was so predictable. We just wanted to screw with it a little. Revision, not revival.


Southern Culture on the Skids

With the Light Rock Express, 9 p.m. Friday, April 2; With Mike Stinson, 9 p.m. Saturday, April 3, at the Continental Club, 3700 Main, 713-529-9899 or

C: You've been at this since 1983. Do you hang together during down time or just get completely away from each other?

MH: I love days off to myself whenever possible, but it usually ends up like this: work with Rick all day, party with Dave all night.

C: Does the SCOTS stuff creep into your everyday life, or is it something you try to put away?

MH: There is no escaping it, really. Chapel Hill is a small town, and our studio is rural countryside where your neighbor burns trash and the wild dogs are chasing the hawks that are chasing the snakes that are chasing me.

C: The band has so many wacky songs. Are you involved in the writing?

MH: Rick writes 'em, but I'm definitely the sounding board. I'll let him know if it sucks.

C: What's your favorite thing about your hardcore fans?

MH: I love it when fans dress up like us at shows. It seems like there are more bouffants in the audience now than ever before. The Bumpits generation are keepin' it real.

C: What was your worst fan moment?

MH: A super-jerk at a club show in Pensacola decided to throw a 60-ounce beer on me. It soaked me and my equipment. I just froze with disbelief. I looked at Rick and Dave, who never quit playing. I saw red, dropped my bass and dove in the audience and walloped that dude. Wait, that might be a favorite fan moment.

C: Worst thing about touring?

MH: Carrying all my stuff from point A to point B in an endless cycle. That and hangovers, of course.

C: What do you think of when you think of Houston?

MH: The night ZZ Top and our friend Cindy danced the Mexi-Melt with us at the Fabulous Satellite Lounge.


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(lists compiled by Chris Gray)


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