Something more than wicked this way comes. Heavy metal has long since lost its transgressive path and landed on the plate of mediocrity, and Godsmack are the lords of all that is banal and boring in the nü incarnation of metal. Rightfully (and righteously) bitch-slapped for ignorantly letting their music be used for military recruitment, the boys from Boston have proven themselves to be more than willing to toe the line of silent stupidity that has so defined popular youth culture in the last ten years. And to think that we owe it all to the perversely prescient, hypermasculine mumblings of a heroin addict from Seattle's own Alice in Chains. Who'd-a-thunk that these few years later, legions of sullen hacks would all crow for the throne of vocal stylings that leave all but the youngest of girls snickering in embarrassment? For those who view these modern times as an atrocity exhibition, Godsmack will deliver the goods on a level unmatched by many.

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