GoGoGo Airheart

Though one of GoGoGo Airheart's members once described their style as "pop music for people who don't like pop music," there's little that's recognizable as pop of any kind in the musings of this San Diego-based band. Instead, the mainly instrumental, looping dub on their most recent self-titled CD, known as the green album, is more along the lines of danceable art house noise. Punctuated by Mike Vermillion's occasional vocalizations (in which he sounds like the brother of Jack White, being tortured), it's underground art-rock for the experimentally minded. Formed in 1996 with core members Vermillion and Ashish Vyas, the group has released a number of records and had several lineup changes, including adding Andrew Robillard on drums. Quirky and wildly shifting (with the aid of "mysterious" avant-garde producer Spacewurm), their spacey stylings are more out there than Courtney Love behind the wheel of the Mars Rover.


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