Gogol Bordello

New York-based self-proclaimed "gypsy punks" Gogol Bordello have been roving the world since 2002, assaulting unsuspecting listeners with one of the most original endeavors to be captured on tape since post-punk was at its peak. A multi-ethnic group of primarily Eastern European immigrants, Gogol Bordello looks, sounds and generally acts over-the-top. However, frontman Eugene Hutz is a truly great vocalist and one-of-a-kind showman, and his band creates such an indefinable, chaotic ball of noise, even seasoned ears may feel a little disoriented. As heard both live and on albums like last year's Super Taranta!, Gogol's final product transcends definition, and its live energy is one of the finest sublimations of cabaret/baroque influences on rock available. Gogol Bordello is a band of ideas that performs with a religious fervor, making these gypsies exactly what lesser "punk" bands wish they were: dangerous.

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