Gogol Bordello

It's nearly impossible to listen to Gogol Bordello without thinking of Eugene Hütz's hilarious character in Everything Is Illuminated, especially considering how the band blew up after Hütz's film debut, but the miscreant musicians have been serving up gypsy-punk for well over a decade, long before Illuminated aimed a big spotlight on Hütz's crusty, amazingly talented band. Gogol Bordello builds on a foundation of Romanian gypsy music, but the band's latest, 2010's Trans-Continental Hustle, takes some musical cues from Hütz's new home of São Paulo, Brazil. Whatever musical hats they're trying on, Gogol Bordello is a punk-rock band first and foremost, one whose purpose is equally divided between making fun music and spreading one very important and timely message: That no human being is illegal.


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